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    Server Management

    Todays IT network is mainly based on server-clent model. For better security, access control & policy implementation, Server holds the key.



    Mail Server Management

    A mail server (also known as a mail transfer agent or MTA, a mail transport agent, a mail router or an Internet mailer) is an application that receives incoming e-mail from local users (people within the same domain) and remote senders and forwards outgoing e-mail for delivery.



    Work Station Management

    Office workstations are the key to production. A good workstation with regular updation is highly essential for an even better work environment.


    • Branded PC
    • Profile-IT has partnered with the leading brands manufacturing the workstations to supply the clients with their needs. We have a wide range of workstations for the clients to opt for.

    • Assembled Work Stations
    • Client's opting for assembled PC are also fulfilled by our technical experts. Assembly of PC are cost effective & has advantages like high end customization. You can have quality components tailoring your needs.


    Virtual Platform

    A Virtual Platform is a software based system that can fully mirror the functionality of a target System-on-Chip or board.


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